side projects

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Design Now is a programme promoted by School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, with the support of Polifactory, Politecnico di Milano’s makerspace, in partnership with Triennale di Milano and with the patronage of Cumulus International Associationthe most important worldwide network of Schools of Design, Arts and Media, comprising over 250 institutions.

Fab City: Designing Products and Services for Urban Resilience through Manufacturing” Summer School concerned with the theme of urban resilience through distributed manufacturing in Fab Cities.

It took place from July 8th to July 16th 2016 at Politecnico di Milano’s School of Design, with 40 participants selected all over the world through an international call. The program included some visits in Milan, to its Fab Labs and Makerspaces, and some lectures. However, most of the time was dedicated to designing products, services or product-service systems for Fab Cities, for urban manufacturing, and public and commercial services. The results of the Summer School and the entire Design Now process were displayed in a closing exhibition taken place in September 2016.

BANDANEE is a sharing method of knowledge, technology and space between citizens, companies, and the creative community. It becomes an exposure to designers and makers, an exchange of old and modern craft, new relationships between different professions, and a revitalization of either abandoned or unexpected spaces with creative happenings. Most importantly, it is an open micro-economy and responsive network flexible to an urban population’s current initiatives and interests.

Everyone has an integral position in the creation of our daily used products, local businesses or in structures that compose our neighborhoods. Whether it be a culinary business opening their kitchen to a product for real life trials, a developer renting out his abandoned storefront for a Maker exposition, or even a local opening his apartment or garage tools for an emerging artist to just create, BANDANEE is what helps connect every aspect of the urban fabric through its own interests and will.

Developed with Rui Alves, Vanja Bovan, Ashley Kochiss, Jaikrishna Nadkarni