The TUB project (Transports for Urban Bikers) is a system that deals with redesigning the metro cycle layout, improving the interaction between bicycle and public transport, in particular in the Milan metro.

Specifically, it should intervene on: communication, creating a visible and easy to understand graphics; services, redeveloping unused spaces; transports, designing special transportaion for bikers.

About the communication (that I dealt with), it has been created a graphics system that can be applicated in the whole public transport network. It uses horizontal road signs system that indicates: bicycles tracks or allowed directions; the path of movement inside public means of transport; places where to put a bicycle and where to sit.
The system uses also vertical signs that show: wagons intended for bicycles transport; and some spaces for cyclists where they can stop or repair their own bike.
All those element characterized by the use of colors typical for the Milan subway or suburban lines.

developed with Marco Frascarelli, Vasyl Pavliuciok, Tu Yi


Transports for Urban Bikers