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F_ A_ T_ is a kit of parts that can be easily assembled (just with a screwdriver), which allows to get furniture through vertical casting of the cement.

The usefulness of this kit is in the repeatability of products obtainable from a single mold. In fact it is possible to reuse several times the parts of the kit, making new items based on the needs of the user, removing waste and reducing costs in transports and packaging.

F_A_T_ is inspired by craftsmanship, it aims to rediscover the pleasure of the cement, which is classified as useful to a single, determined and narrow field: the building industry.
The cement through F_A_T_ reveals a new soul made by glossy surface finish, becoming an elegant and sophisticated component. The project focuses on concept of doing, believing that in the use of hands there is the richness and creativity of consumer himself, who rediscovers characteristics and quality of an unusual furniture’s material.

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developed with Fabia Ciccone, Rossella Fallucca


Furniture and Tools


  • Client:Development Product Lab - Politecnico di Milano
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    • engineering
    • packaging
    • prototyping
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